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Why Marketing Kits Are a Hit


Receiving something special in the mail is a mood booster. It’s true! In fact, 83% of people say they enjoy receiving packages. But you don’t need to sell products to trigger this feel-good response in your customers. Build excitement for your brand by adding a custom marketing kit to your branding strategy.

We’ll help you understand if a marketing kit is right for your brand and share insight to help you get started. Read more to learn:

  • What makes up a marketing kit
  • Strategies for a successful kit program
  • Resources to get started

What Is a Marketing Kit?

The modern marketing kit is one part promotional, one part gift, and completely focused on building an engaging experience with your target audience.

Marketing kits can be centered around a product or service launch, marketing campaign, used as part of a customer loyalty program, or to welcome new customers. Regardless of the program, the key to a successful mailer is to establish a unique, memorable experience that builds a personal connection between the recipient and your brand.

Contents of a marketing kit can include a range of products and assets that are often developed based on the theme of the mailer. This may include:

  • Personalized print or video messages
  • High-quality, branded gifts
  • Brand and campaign information
  • A trackable point of conversion such as a website URL to visit for more information, a virtual event to join, or a coupon
  • Amplification points such as social media handles and campaign hashtags to drive word-of-mouth

3 Strategies to Build a Successful Marketing Kit

Unique Products

The right promotional products can deliver undeniable ROI – 88% of people say they can remember the brand name imprinted on the promotional items they use. But to be effective, promotional products must be high quality, useful, and relevant.

Dig deep into the story behind the products you source to ensure they align with your company values and the message you want to share with your audience. Look for products that connect to your overall marketing campaign theme, represent your company ethics, and speak to the values of your customers. Gifts that give back, sustainably sourced products, and items made by small businesses or made in the USA are examples of added elements that can speak to what’s important to your company.

Work with a promotional marketing expert who can guide you through unique and top-trending products that your recipients will be excited to receive and want to use over and over again. Include personalized items within the kit to build a one-on-one connection such as a personalized note or video message. And don’t forget to clearly communicate what you are sending, why you sent it, and what you’d like the recipient to do with it to ensure success.


Even the coolest products can fall flat if the presentation is missing. This is where the gift component comes in. Bubble-wrapped tchotchkes in a plain shipping box won’t cut it. Think of this experience as any other marketing touchpoint. Just as you would plan an ad or email campaign, you need to catch your customers’ attention right away with something interesting and fun.

Unbranded boxes are boring. But when you add your company logo, brand colors, and a unique message, the box becomes a part of the experience. Choose packaging that will protect the contents inside, but also create a presentation that piques their interest and invites them to explore. This includes the kit box and the exterior shipping box. Use this valuable space to promote your brand and provide a sneak peek into what’s inside.

Kitting, Packing, and Shipping

Assembling and shipping marketing kits can be time consuming and storing all the contents requires use of valuable square footage. Working with a third-party partner to pick, pack, and ship your kits can save you time, money, and space within your facility.

At Apex, we use our experience and relationships with shipping companies to negotiate freight costs and schedules to meet your budget and handling requirements. Whether you need materials shipped directly to a trade show venue or mailed to multiple locations, we will find a solution that is right for you.

Ready to learn more about curating a marketing kit that delivers results? Contact our in-house specialists to get started!

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