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Most Popular Promotional Products in 2022


Promotional marketing is about than just giving away swag. From welcoming remote workers to gifts that reward customer loyalty, or giveaways at trade shows, promotional products create a tangible connection with your audience and deliver proven brand recognition. In fact 90% of people who receive a promo product say they can remember the brand or company name on the item.

But to be effective, the promotional product must be something your customers or employees will actually want to use. When selecting promotional products, ask yourself: Is this item useful? Is it relevant to my audience? What does it say about my brand?

Audience interest and seasonality also play an important role in the effectiveness of the product. For example, branded sunglasses and beachballs may be more appreciated in the summer months but likely won’t hold as much weight when the weather turns colder.

Once you find an item that resonates with your audience, consider what the item is communicating about your corporate brand and values. A poorly made item that breaks quickly will in turn reflect poorly on your company. Sustainably sourced and packaged items can be used to highlight your dedication to the environment. Or trend-focused items can be used to showcase your company style and aesthetic appeal.

As we approach the Q4 gifting and employee recognition season, our team has rounded up the most popular promotional product categories to help you get started!

Custom Kits

Custom kits are designed to emulate the aesthetic and personality of your brand. Kits often include a curated blend of branded items and personal touches to build a connection with the recipient. This can include a video message or personal note along with branded products and gift cards that tie together in a theme. The kit is packaged to look and feel like a gift to bring added excitement.

Branded Retail Brands

Branding popular retail brands such as Nike, Vineyard Vines, or The North Face provides an already established connection with the item’s style and quality. Name brand items also carry an increased likelihood of usage especially with apparel and bags.

Eco Aware Promotional Products

Interest in sustainable products increased by 71% over the past 5 years making it a strong indication of continued consumer demand. Aligning your gifting with sustainable brands and products tells your audience that you share their values. Ask for carbon neutral shipping options to further convey your commitment to the environment.

Craft Food & Drink Sets

Food and drink sets are always a big hit! Level up this popular item with distinct offerings such as gourmet popcorn, craft cocktail kits, or made-to-order hot chocolate bombs. These items offer a strong ROI on their own and can be paired with other products such as branded drinkware or kitchen accessories to create a custom kit.

Why Work with a Promotional Marketing Advisor

Incorporating promotional products into your marketing or corporate relations strategies can increase brand sentiment and recognition, strengthen customer and employee relationships, and solidify brand values. But shopping for promotional products can be overwhelming and costs can easily creep beyond budget when working from self-serve platforms.

Partnering with a promotional marketing agency not only ensures you get the best products, having an advisor by your side can also save you time and money. With over 30 years of experience, our in-house team has carefully curated our collection of promotional products to ensure the highest quality across all categories. And we’ve vetted each printing method to ensure your logo is perfectly displayed every time. Whether your project requires custom kitting, warehousing, shipping, or something special, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Contact us to have a conversation. We’re here to help!

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