3 Tips for Planning In-Person Events

As COVID regulations subside throughout the country, many Americans are eagerly returning to life as they knew it pre-pandemic. For marketers and sales professionals, that means the return of in-person events!

The idea of returning to a packed trade show floor or conference and reconnecting with colleagues can feel exciting – or stressful depending on who you ask. Having a plan in place for attendees to join in-person and remotely will increase the success of your event.

Check out these tips for planning your next in-person event.

Play it Safe

The CDC continues to encourage mask wearing and social distancing for large gatherings and events – particularly if they will be held indoors. Confirm what safety practices are in place with your venue ahead of time. Communicate these standards with your team and guests to help everyone prepare.

Ensure these measures are practiced within your trade show booth or event space. Don’t forget to include added safety when handling food or beverages. Check with your venue to confirm if any specific guidelines are required such as having a certified food handler on-site.

Consider offering branded PPE such as masks and hand sanitizers as a part of your promotional marketing offering. This can both encourage safety while also supporting brand recognition as your logo-ed mask is worn throughout the day.

Consider a Hybrid Format

While many will jump at the opportunity to attend an in-person event, some may feel reluctant, or may be facing corporate travel restrictions that limit their attendance. A hybrid event format can allow you to meet your target audience where they feel the most comfortable.

Pre-record video footage of the new products or information you plan to release during your event. This video can be shared on YouTube, Facebook Live, and other video sharing sites to further your audience reach. You can also re-purpose this content within a post-event thank you email.

Create opportunities for your remote audiences to engage in the fun activities you are planning in-person. Host a giveaway on social media and share photos from your in-person event as the action unfolds.

Consider sharing swag and promotional products with your virtual attendees as you would in-person. Our team can help you setup a custom e-store with a code that is specific to your event. Attendees will use this code to access only the items you share with them such as a branded t-shirt or special gift inspired by your event.

Have Fun & Connect

Even if you found yourself thriving in isolation (shout out to everyone who mastered those sourdough recipes!), most people will agree that COVID shutdowns and social distancing left them missing human interaction.

As you return to in-person events, use this mindset as an opportunity to build deeper connections with your target audiences. Instead of defaulting to your standard elevator pitch and rushing to grab each person as they pass by your booth, give yourself extra time to focus on human connection. Start a conversation and stay open to answering questions. You may find that people are more giving of their time as we all have a greater appreciation of gathering in-person.

Optimizing In-Person Events

The re-launch of in-person events gives us an opportunity to reimagine the how these experiences amplify our brands and strengthens connections with our customers. When you’re ready to plan your next event, our in-house team of strategists and designers can help you create an experience that inspires and excites your attendees while increasing your return on investment.

Contact us to take your event and branding to the next level!

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